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Guilty pleasure. Perfect Sin. 

New Orleans gets in your blood. Like sweet chocolate or a decadent bite. Ancient mysteries hide behind hidden doorways, and messy love happens in the dim bar lights of the French Quarter. Follow us through nine tales of love found through need, pain, desire, and inhuman temptations. Contemporary, paranormal, menage, or gender bending, we've got it all, in one perfect package. Just like the city itself. 

9 Erotic Romance Tales in the Big Easy

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Creole Corsair by Wren Michaels
Sabine Chauvet needs closure on her family's past. But when she runs into Jasper Carrington, her old high school crush, the one thing in her past she wasn't searching for finds her instead.

Phenomenal by LeTeisha Newton
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Sabine Chauvet needs closure on her family’s past. The sextant that belonged to the legendary pirate Jean Lafitte is supposedly the only link to her family's legacy, and Sabine is determined to get her hands on it. But when she runs into Jasper Carrington, her old high school crush, the one thing in her past she wasn't searching for finds her instead.

Jasper Carrington has it all, money, notoriety, and the dream of building an alternative medicine wing of the children's hospital. When the woman who haunted his high school existence shows up at his auction, he decides to take the chance to right the wrongs of his past.

Giving in to one kiss turns their old fantasies into reality, one neither of them were prepared for. But the same issues of their past still threaten their new future, and they must learn to finally be themselves in order to be together.

Sabine fluffed each breast stuffed in her corset, her secret weapons of distraction. A man's eyes never made it past her chest, oblivious to her wandering hands as she'd lift their wallets and money clips right from their pockets. Thievery wasn't necessarily in her nature, but the skills came in handy to teach the pervs a lesson. If they couldn't keep their hands to themselves, then neither would she.

Tonight though, would prove to be even more fruitful as billionaire Jasper Carrington, III held his annual privateer fundraiser. The little soiree was on a replica of one of Jean Lafitte's privateering ships—who the hell knew which one—and Sabine held little care. Her attention focused on what lay inside the ship. The ultimate treasure she sought; her great-great-great-grandfather's brass sextant. As stories went, she was sure some of the tale had been enhanced and enlarged, much like the talk of any man's penis. But from what her grandfather had told her as a young child, his great-great-grandfather was supposedly none other than Lafitte himself. Little was known about his fathering a secret child, one out of the limelight of the history books.

And Sabine wasn't leaving the party tonight without it. She just had to get her hands on it before Carrington auctioned the piece off to the highest bidder, where it would do nothing but collect dust on some other billionaire's shelf. Sabine though, had other plans for it. A code was said to be somewhere inside the case or on the instrument itself. A key to unlock the secret treasure long forgotten by history. And it could also be the key to Sabine's mysterious past.

She adjusted her tricorn hat over the wig of blonde cascading curls, and made her way up the boarding plank. The spiked heels of her leather thigh-high boots pounded against the wooden board as she ascended the gangway. Waves rocked the vessel beneath her and she gripped the metal rail, hoping her Dramamine would kick in sooner rather than later.

Sea spray from the waves crashing against the ship mixed with the humid New Orleans night air, glistening along her exposed skin. She pushed her black puffy sleeves up to her elbow, allowing the breeze to cool her. As she made it to the top a hand reached out to guide her on deck. On the other end of the long muscular arm she found a broad chest and trailed her gaze up to a pair of dark-brown eyes that could have swallowed her whole, had she kept staring. It took everything in her to tear her attention from the handsome face covered with a slight shadow of bristles along his jawline. Thick, dark hair slicked over his head coming to rest at the nape of his neck in wavy locks.

Shit. She didn't expect Jasper himself to be greeting everyone at the entrance. Shouldn't he have servants or crew doing that? Sabine prayed he wouldn't recognize her. She'd hoped to escape him for the evening, staying low and blending with the masses. They hadn't seen each other since high school, well over ten years ago. She'd certainly changed, having lost nearly fifty pounds since he last saw her. Jasper, however, hadn't changed much at all, still a panty-dropping god of a man. He never gave her a second glance in high school, surely it would be enough to keep her identity hidden.

“I bid thee a good eve,” he said with a dramatic bow.

Bending her knees, Sabine did her best to muster a curtsy in return. “A good eve to you as well, kind sir.”

“Ah, with such beauty aboard, it is indeed a very good eve. Welcome to my ship.” A broad smile rippled along his lips, plump and shadowed in dark stubble.

Jasper Carrington could put Johnny Depp or Colin O'Donoghue to shame. But she expected more flare, more grandeur from a billionaire hosting the party. Instead he only wore a simple white poet's shirt and black leather pants that left little to the imagination as it hugged his pirate booty. Black leather boots with brass buckles completed his outfit, not even a piratical hat. The guy could certainly afford it. He came from money, and made even more when he emancipated from his parents at sixteen and created a tech company of his own.

It wasn't fair, Jasper had good luck, good looks, and money. Sabine had always had a weight problem, scraped together everything she ever had, and if it weren't for bad luck she'd have none at all. But that was all about to change.

“You have a fine vessel, Captain, but you seem to be lacking in attire. Did another set of pirates abscond with your effects?” Sabine stepped to the side, out of the way of other boarding guests and his eyes followed her every move.

“Worry not, fair maiden. There are no scallywags here tonight. You're safe in my hands.” He slid his fingers underneath her hand and brought it to his mouth, brushing soft lips along her skin.

She narrowed her eyes. “I'm afraid the same cannot be said for you. I make no guarantees about your safety in mine. If left to their own devices”—she wiggled her fingers in front of him—“there's no telling what may happen.”

Sabine caught herself in the throes of flirting and shook herself from her thoughts. She needed to get away fast. The longer she stayed in his presence the chances improved of him figuring out who she was.

“Well, do me the pleasure of sharing your name, so I can be sure to tell my next of kin who I have fallen prey to. I feel, however the end may come for me, it shall be with a smile on my face if in your company.”

The flutter in her heart nearly jolted her forward as she swallowed back a gasp. Surely he couldn't be talking about her. Jasper Carrington saying such things about her seemed surreal. Straight out of one of her high school fantasies about him. Of course it was more than likely just a part of the show he put on for the night, luring guests aboard and primping them for their donations with flirtatious ego padding.

A nervous chuckle squeaked from her throat. Thinking on the fly, Sabine had to come up with a clever cover. “I'm the Creole Corsair. And you, Captain Carrington, should be more careful about who you keep company with.” She flicked her wrist and handed him back the money clip she lifted from his back pocket. Proving once again, charm and a set of tits worked more magic than Houdini.

His sexy lips evened out into a slick grin. “Keep that up and I'll have to tie you up below deck.”