Exciting News! I'm writing for Susan Stoker's Kindle World!

If you're not familiar with Kindle Worlds yet, they're kind of like fan fiction for book worlds. Amazon has taken best selling book series and made them into "Worlds" where authors can write a novella set in one of these author's worlds. 

I'm going to be writing for Susan Stoker's Special Forces Operation Alpha world, all about Delta Force Heroes and Sexy Navy SEALs. Here's a link to her Kindle World so you can check it out!


My story is called The Fox and The Hound, and will incorporate Susan's characters Matthew "Wolf" Steel and Caroline Steel his wife, from her book Protecting Caroline. 

So be on the lookout for my novella in the series, releasing November 22nd!

Jayla “Fox” McFadden 'MacGyvered' her way through college and right onto the radar of the CIA. Instead of getting busted, she got offered a job. Though a chemist by day, she moonlights on special missions utilizing her unique talents when needed, everything from bomb building to booby traps. She's fought tooth and black-polished nail to make her way in the world and prove she's more than a set of tits. From her thick, black eyeliner to her Doc Martens with leather mini-skirts, she stands out, and likes it that way.

Noah “Hound” Kendrick is the best tracker on his SEAL team. Haunted by the fact he got his mother killed, he put his body, mind, and soul into the SEALs in retribution, trying to make the world a better place. They are his duty and family now, nothing gets in the way. Especially love, as he refuses to open up his heart and lose someone at his expense ever again.

Jayla's latest mission is to retrieve a list of buyers from an arms dealer. She's teamed with the SEALs who must take out a bunker hidden offshore near the dealer's private island. But a squall line from an impending hurricane throws off their plans as Jayla and Noah get separated from the team, washing up on a deserted air force base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now the Fox and the Hound must survive the elements and each other, as they ride out the physical and emotional storm heading their way.

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