Death is a pool shark and wears a D-cup.

Death is a pool shark and wears a D-cup.



Ezra “Jinx” Helm is as dead as Elvis. But we all know Elvis isn’t really dead, and neither is Jinx. At least, he hopes so. A mortar blast took him from the Earthly plane of existence at age twenty-eight, but his sister, Eliza, just happens to come from a long line of healing witches. Him being a warlock doesn’t quite pack the punch he needs to keep himself corporeal. Because she loves her brother so, and he owes her five-hundred smackaroos, she is able to heal him and bring him back to the land of the living, temporarily.

Constance Medina Maria Luisa Dulce de Vargas y Aguilar is also dead. She’s been groomed to take over as Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte, aka Our Lady of the Holy Death, or as she prefers, Lady Death. She’s eager to usher in any new souls into her afterlife playground, which looks a lot like a resort in Playa del Carmen. But she’s bored because the ridiculously powerful and fantastically wardrobed, Zelda, keeps healing people, leaving Connie with no one to play with. So she heads to the land of the living to see what’s up and convince Zelda to loosen up on the saving people’s lives gig.

Jinx knows his sister can only keep up the farce of him being undead for so long, as he died in World War II and she’s been getting really pissy about having to renew his spell every month. He seeks out the most powerful healing witch he knows for help. But Zelda has her own set of problems with a husband, kids, a forest full of animals needing healing and Lady Death hanging around her doorstep like an emo Eeyore. In exchange for her help, Zelda offers Jinx a deal, take Santa Muerta off her hands and she’ll figure out a way to bring him back from the dead, permanently.


A Breaking the SEAL and Magic and Mayhem series crossover book