Book 6 in the Breaking the SEAL series:     JINXED TO DEATH

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Out October 22, 2018

Ezra “Jinx” Helm is as dead as Elvis. But we all know Elvis isn’t really dead, and neither is Jinx. At least, he hopes so. A mortar blast took him from the Earthly plane of existence at age twenty-eight, but his sister, Eliza, just happens to come from a long line of healing witches. Him being a warlock doesn’t quite pack the punch he needs to keep himself corporeal. Because she loves her brother so, and he owes her five-hundred smackaroos, she is able to heal him and bring him back to the land of the living, temporarily.

Constance Medina Maria Luisa Dulce de Vargas y Aguilar is also dead. She’s been groomed to take over as Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte, aka Our Lady of the Holy Death, or as she prefers, Lady Death. She’s eager to usher in any new souls into her afterlife playground, which looks a lot like a resort in Playa del Carmen. But she’s bored because the ridiculously powerful and fantastically wardrobed, Zelda, keeps healing people, leaving Connie with no one to play with. So she heads to the land of the living to see what’s up and convince Zelda to loosen up on the saving people’s lives gig.

Jinx knows his sister can only keep up the farce of him being undead for so long, as he died in World War II and she’s been getting really pissy about having to renew his spell every month. He seeks out the most powerful healing witch he knows for help. But Zelda has her own set of problems with a husband, kids, a forest full of animals needing healing and Lady Death hanging around her doorstep like an emo Eeyore. In exchange for her help, Zelda offers Jinx a deal, take Santa Muerta off her hands and she’ll figure out a way to bring him back from the dead, for reals.

FRIEND ZONED - February 28, 2017

All's fair in love and war until one person gets stuck in an arranged marriage.

Catherine 'Cat' Marek has a sociology paper due on dissecting the laws of attraction. Project Panty Drop will case study two different men; one she'll go after in person and the other she'll attempt to charm online. Hiding behind her beauty, she tries to cover up her true geeky side, and the fact that she's partially deaf.

Jaidev 'Jai' Sankar needs to knock out a paper for his online sociology class. After an encounter with the Texas Tease, Cat Marek, he decides Project Friend Zoned will be the ultimate topic, proving a guy can remain in the friend zone with a girl he finds attractive.

As Cat puts the moves into overdrive, Jai finds it harder to remain in the 'friend zone' with her. The only thing keeping him from letting go is the fact his hardcore Hindu parents have a wedding scheduled for him. When neither can resist their attraction, the fight no longer becomes about their papers, but about the freedom to love each other.



The Fox and The Hound are at it again.

Jayla “Fox” McFadden is still trying to figure out who wants her dead. But even worse, her brand new relationship with Noah “Hound” Kendrick feels like it's already on the rocks. She's never been girlfriend material, and the pressure is on with each awkward moment they spend together trying to have a 'normal' life. But a CIA spy and a Navy SEAL are far from normal. When her next mission takes her to Russia, she's almost thankful for the time away to think.

Hound's Navy SEAL team gets orders to blow up one arm of the Russian Mafia. But when Noah learns of Jayla's involvement in the mission, his strict orders to kill anyone and everyone associated with the case don't sit well with him, and he's forced to choose Fox or his country.

Taking down the Russian mafia will be easy, finding out Jayla's long lost father is a part of it, not so much. The Fox and The Hound take on the government, the mafia, and each other in a battle of love, lies, and loss.


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